Jungle jamboree 2007

18 months of planning, numerous phone calls, a site visit in April, and countless meetings have come to fruition in what will be a dream come true for Rob Laurence and Kevin Shore, but an ‘overload of memories for the boys and leaders of the 47th Plymouth and 90th Bristol (Westbury Methodist) that will be etched in their minds. It will be “Something to tell the children”. It will be some 25 – 30 years before they are old enough to say, “Back in 2007, when I was a lad, we went to Nepal with the Scouts”. It will be history – Rob, Kevin, Paul, Marion, Keith, Sharon, Fran, Nadine, Jez, Matt (R), Sasha, Rhys, Richard, Cameron, Matt (C) and Ryan are making history, not world changing – but changing OUR world. I feel proud that we have taken this on as our challenge. The next 18 days will unfold like a book, to be read by generations to come. Hopefully our exploits will inspire other to follow in our footsteps and aspire others to greater things, to explore and put back the OUT firmly in SCOUTING.