Daldale Kindergarten and Hostal.

All of the kindergartens follow a similar approach in their focus for the children, including: lessons in daily living, health and hygiene promotion - both in Nepali and English, following the Montessori programme of education, taught to the kindergartens teachers by volunteer visiting international professionals. Each day one hot meal is provided for every child; parents are encouraged to supply the ingredients for their own child’s meal in order to establish family involvement in the project. This is a new initiative and is still being formed. Once a month we meet with the children’s mothers to discuss the same topics taught to the children in order to create a unified understanding and forward thinking family environment, with the aim to enable each child to reach their full potential and increase their chances of entering further education, thus improving their and their families’ long-term prospects.

During the past year 2012/2013 a total of 72 children (47 girls and 25 boys) were taught by 5 childcare providers.

Aasha ko Kiran Children’s Home in Daldale, Chitwan was founded 10 years ago, starting with just 7 children in one small room. Now it is a happy home to 52 youngsters, ranging from ages 4 to 16.

A small amount of these children are orphans or come from broken homes, however they are mainly from families who simply cannot afford to provide their offspring with an acceptable standard of living or education. The majority are from dalit and marginalised community of Meghauli (living in the very poor settlement area adjacent to the clinic).

The crucial funding for this project was provided by donors from: Gibraltar, Vida Utile Barcelona, SIS Yoga group, Germany Clinic Nepal and other international benefactors. The home was set up, and is run, on the land belonging to Hari’s sister Bhagwoti and her husband Bishnu. It is on the same site as the Aasha ko Kiran Kindergarten. Our decision was made to run the hostel from this site because the potential cost of renting a suitable property in Meghauli was prohibitive,

Bhagwoti is responsible for the running of this children’s hostel. Many children thrive due to our care and support; recently two children have achieved their school leaving certificates (SLC), and one of the sponsored children has recently qualified as a nurse. These accomplishments by former students raise and motivate the children to achieve.

Every child in the Hostel is in full-time education either: kindergarten, public school or private school (depending on age) - thanks go to their individual sponsors.

Time not spent in school, is used by the children to study and play. This is aided by many generous donations such as: laptop (with internet access), stationery, photocopier (for teaching materials) and books. In order to increase the quality of this facility, we are always on the look out for: clothes, play items and educational materials.

Through donations the hostel now consists of ten fully furnished bedrooms and three bathrooms. Facilities also include volunteer guest bedrooms and a library/computer room. In 2011 we were able to purchase more furniture for the hostel, as well as renovating all of the bathrooms. Further more in 2012 we installed a 375-litre solar powered water heater. Further improvements in 2013 provided ten new solar panels and three new batteries, enabling a 24-hour supply of electricity to the hostel. This addition provides lighting both inside and outside of the home all year round, without relying on the main line, as well as being a green source of energy. All of this combines to create a great space for living and learning.

An onsite farm provides the home as well as the kindergarten with resources such as food, milk and biogas.

It is an ambitious aim to grant access to all levels of education for every child. However we firmly believe that with the support from donors we can achieve this goal, opening up opportunities for the children involved.