Peter and Beryl Shore

United Kingdom.

The Friendship Clinic Nepal (UK) is a medical charity established in 1996.
On 26th July 1999 the charity was entered in the Central Register of Charities maintained by the Charity Commission for England and Wales, being allocated the Charity Registration Number 1076740.
"Founded for the relief of poverty, sickness and distress through the provision of a clinic for the benefit of the inhabitants of Meghauli, Chitwan, Nepal."

Clinic Nepal was registered as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) with His Majesty's Government, Ministry of Home Affairs (District Administration Office, Chitwan, Nepal) on 26th January 1997, pursuant to section 4(2) of the Association Registration Act 2034 B.S. (1979 A.D.)
Registration number 72/053/54 - Registration renewed each year - July.
The Charity was registered with the Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu, Nepal and affiliation issued to Clinic Nepal on 11th February 1997, pursuant to section 13 of the Social Welfare act, 2049 B.S. (1992 A.D.)

Please note...
Throughout this website, the Charity is referred to by several different names. To avoid any confusion, all the names mentioned below belong to the same charity.
These include:
The Friendship Clinic Nepal Charity (UK), The Friendship Clinic Nepal Charity, Friendship Clinic Nepal Charity (UK), Friendship Clinic Nepal Charity, Friendship Clinic Nepal (UK), Friendship Clinic Nepal, Clinic Nepal Charity (UK), Clinic Nepal Charity, Clinic Nepal (UK), Clinic Nepal. We apologize if there is any confusion.