Due to a fantastic donation by Mr Matt Dyer, an ambulance was purchased and started ‘work’ on the 10th July 2008. With one of the first beneficiaries being a pregnant women requiring urgent treatment. 40 individuals benefited by this service within the first 30 days!

This service is provided at a minimum cost to the user, however if you cannot afford it, the clinic will pay. Of the 512 patients to use this service in the first year, only 19 patients were unable to afford the minimum charge, these ‘fees’ were paid for by the clinic.

20% of the beneficiaries were women in difficult labour, while the remaining 80% of patients were; those in serious pain, suffering high blood pressure, traumatic accidents, and injuries sustained from wild animals (rhinoceros, tigers and snakes bite).

The ambulance is not only carrying patients to and from hospital and the clinic, but is a ‘key’ factor in the organisation of the Outreach Health Camps. It is used for the transportation of: medicines (and associated equipment), the medical teams to the health camps and patients to hospital, who need urgent specialist treatment.