Now the farm is adjacent to the Kindergarten/Scout HQ the farm provides milk for the children attending the kindergarten in order to prevent them from malnutrition as well as biogas being used as a green energy source in the facility.

The eventual aim of the Farm complex, is to become completely self sufficient, and not cost anything (apart from the initial expense) to run, by selling all additional produce for income generation

A suitable piece of land (size of 6 football pitches, with a small farm building in situ) was located 1 Km from the clinic and was purchased on the 25 May 2007. The land was divided into two sections, 5/6ths set aside for fields – for crops and some grazing animals, with the remaining 1/6th for additional Farm buildings, the new Kindergarten and a small area set aside for further development (in the future the clinic would like to provide some accommodation for visiting teachers etc.).

The farm was named Ashavan Farm, which in Sanskrit means “Farm of Hope”, and was purchased by a donation from GB Group.