The idea of a farm was generated by the need to build the proposed Kindergarten (built in 2010), and to provide additional food for some of the poorest of villagers to supplement their meagre diet. The eventual aim of the Farm complex, is to become completely self sufficient, and not cost anything to run, by selling all additional produce for income generation. The farm continues to be a source of quality farm products such as rice, lentils and fruits (mangoes, bananas and lychees). The money generated from the sales of these products helps the farms long-term sustainability and development. The farm was named Ashavan Farm, which in Sanskrit means “Farm of Hope”, and was purchased by a donation from GB Group

Income Generation

Whilst many of Clinic Nepal’s projects treat healthcare problems, it is widely acknowledged that poverty is a primary cause of ill health. In order to address this crucial issue, the Income Generating Programme uses funds to purchase goats to donate to some of the poorest families in Meghauli. This enables the families to utilise the goat for its produce and for breeding so that they can sell their young, thus creating a sustainable and self-sufficient form of income. This program targets a group of select people most in need and donates goats bought from received funds. Many great successes have been achieved from this project. Oh we also keep bees for their honey!

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