1st Meghauli Scouts

The Scouts form an important group in the village community, serving as a social and educational institution, as well as providing environmental, hygienic, and social assistance to the area. Meetings occur for two hours every Saturday morning in Wolfgang-Linke/Joe Gaulder building in Meghauli, taught by Mrs Shrijana B.K.

From that first ‘fateful’ meeting; Scouting was enshrined into the framework of the Friendship Clinic. Using the Scout Law as a guide A Scout is to be trusted. A Scout is loyal. A Scout is friendly and considerate. A Scout belongs to the worldwide family of Scouts. A Scout has courage in all difficulties. A Scout makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and property. A Scout has self-respect and respect for others.

The Scout Troop was formed in 2005 (1st Meghauli – Friendship Clinic), which was initially ran from the Friendship Clinic’s building and grounds, until the Wolfgang-Linke Kindergarten/Joe Gaulder Scout HQ was built and completed in October 2010.

36 children aged between 11 to 15 years attend, divided between three patrols of girls (Crow, Koili, and Dove) and three patrols of boys (Goat, Horse and Lion). Classes are based around the teaching of key life lessons and positive attitudes, physical games, English lessons, painting, music, and arts and crafts - to create the foundations of a fun and educational program that benefits both the children and the population of Meghauli. Every year various volunteers from different countries contribute with their experience and generosity. We can proudly report that through donations the scout group has now received official Nepali Scout uniforms, which make them stand out as young leaders and role models.

Local and international interns and volunteers contribute to the scout program each year, they are invited to teach anything that may be of value, resulting in the scouts being taught a broad range of topics including first aid and a number of fun and educational games.

The aim is to build friendships, inspire locals, create good leaders (regardless of culture, politics, religion or ethnic group) and to be a great credit to the community.

Close ties have been forged between the 1st Meghauli and two scout groups in the United Kingdom: the 47th Plymouth and 90th Bristol, after their Jungle Jamboree in 2007.

2013 - On 11th April, both Troops participated in the 2nd National Jamboree at the Tikaluli, Chitwan - three decades after Peter and Beryl Shore.