Income generation

The farm continues to be a source of quality farm products such as rice, lentils and fruits (mangoes, bananas and lychees). The money generated from the sales of these products help the farm for a long-term sustainability and development. Furthermore, two milking cows, three calves, two goats and two kids were purchased to add to the growing farm.

Money raised from the sale of rice and goats is utilised to support the project, as all profits from the Ashavan farm are ‘ploughed’ back into the community. A goat-giving program has been a huge accomplishment, with many families having ‘bred to success’ so that they can now sell their additional produce, be it the whole goat, to milk and cheese. We also provide Buffaloes and Bees (plus hives).

2012/2013 saw 78 Meghauli residents (living nearby to the Clinic) received one goat per family.

Last year 2011/2012 Jamuna Chhetri Krishna and Kumari Mahato each received a buffallo and 48 villagers received a goat.