Namaste Nepal

Welcome to Namaste Nepal, a Scout Active Support Unit that is helping to establish a Scouting community in Meghauli, and the surrounding villages, in the south of the beautiful country of Nepal.

“Our vision is to create a thriving, sustainable community of Scout Groups within the area of Meghauli, close to the Chitwan National Park, providing a balanced and fulfilling program of activities to young people between the ages of 7 and 25, in line with the World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM) Mission of Scouting”.

To create a UK-based support structure to help establish Scouting in Meghauli, with the backing of Nepal Scouts

To develop a Scouting presence throughout the Chitwan area by the end of 2015

To establish a sustainable model of support, both in the UK and in Chitwan, that will increasingly enable local self-sufficiency and correspondingly reduce dependency on the UK.

We have big plans. We have started discussions with influential residents within Meghauli to obtain some community land to enable us to build a District campsite. The land would be provided on a long lease (50 years) and at no charge. We would fund the development of that site, erecting communal buildings in the local style and providing indoor and outdoor camping sites.

A few Scout leaders and ex-Scouts visit Meghauli each year from countries around the world, mostly in connection with the work of the Medical Clinic. We would look to expand this, developing and promoting the facilities to encourage more Scouts to visit and generate some income for the campsite.

We have also teamed up with a travel company based in Kathmandu, who would look to develop a package for backpacking visitors who wish to sample the south of Nepal in addition to the popular guided mountain trips.

All of this would start to generate an income that would be ploughed back into the Scouting community, thus creating at least a partial measure of sustainability.

Remember, in Nepal, a little income goes along way!