As the clinic is only a Primary Health Care Centre, all Secondary Care must be provided by the nearest or specialist hospital(s). The hospitals provide this service (at a cost). The majority of the cost (if not all) is borne by The Friendship Clinic Nepal Charity (paid for by generous donations from overseas patrons). Operations can range from £2000 for a heart valve replacement, to £10 for a new lens following a cataract.

Prosthetic eyes - Kanta is a four-year-old girl from the local village of Jitpur. Kanta was born with only one functioning eye, with the other eye being small, scarred and having no vision but Kanta did not look like any other little girls of her own age. Clinic Nepal arranged for Kanta to attend an Ophthalmologist in Bhairahaw Eye Hospital, where a prosthetic eye was arranged. Kanta now has a prosthetic eye, and looks like any of the little girls in her school. Clinic Nepal has also arranged for Kanta to be sent to Primary School where she is doing well and is popular with all of the other children. Both the prosthetic eye and her schooling cost have been covered in full by Clinic Nepal.CATARACTS – 120 patients have received a cataract operation giving them back their full eyesight. The operations were held in the Eye Hospital in Bharatpur. All of the costs of the medicines, surgery and food were covered by Clinic Nepal. HERNIA OPERATIONS - 38 children had successful hernia operations. The Round Table of Austria provided funding for the majority.

Cleft palate – During the 2007, 10th Anniversary celebrations, Mache and his family were present. Beryl Shore noticed he has a cleft palate, and asked “could we do something about it”, Majhi was an 8 year-old boy, whose family are from the local indigenous population. Majhi has lived all of his life without ever having seen a doctor. Majhi is small for his age, as when he was a young child he was unable to feed properly because of his disfigurement.. Majhi was brought to the Clinic, seen and sent for a specialist appointment at Bharatpur hospital. It was arranged for Majhi to have reconstructive facial-maxillary surgery to repair his palate. Clinic Nepal and its sponsors covered all of the expenses. Majhi now is able to live a normal life looking like any other happy eight year-old boy.