Peter and Beryl Shore

Beryl & Peter Shore MBE

‘Promise to help other people’

Peter Shore, Clearance Diver, Royal Navy and Beryl Anderton WRNS married in Malta GC Jan 1957. Their mutual love and ability in all outdoor sporting pursuits, back packing and camping was soon later passed on to their 3 sons Craig, Kevin and Nigel. All were keen Scouts in Bristol and when the former pair joined the Royal Navy, Craig - Nuclear Submariner, Kevin - Medical Branch all enrolled in Deep Sea Scout Fellowship.

In 1987 Peter and Beryl, in their ‘50’s, were backpacking through India and heard that there was an International Scout Jamboree underway in Kathmandu, Nepal so decided to go – across country! Unfortunately Peter’s navigation and language skills let him down. Fortunately their mad intentions of bivouacing the night was over heard by a young lad with a passing knowledge of English. His name was Hari Bhandary and with little persuasion he took them to the safety and comfort of his family home in the riverside village of Meghauli, near the Chitwan National Park. After enjoying a most remarkable, unique and safe night with Hari they naturally offered to pay for their food and accommodation to which the young lad vehemently refused to accept. He pointed to Peter’s Scout badge on his rucsac and explained that he too had been a Scout at school...and was only keeping his Promise to help other people – but shyly asked Peter if he would write to him! A touching moment!

And so the Shore family wrote to Hari for some 10 years, advising, encouraging and helping him in a variety of ways to continue his education and improve his English. In 1997 Hari contacted the Shores and told them of his parents illness and that he wanted to return to his village to help the family; but was there anyway the family could help him realise his dream? To raise and maintain a health post in the village, giving free medical help to desperate villagers (for the nearest hospital was some 20 miles away) and attention and medicine had to be paid for.

Peter immediately called the “Shore Patrol” to order, and with Kevin as medical advisor discussed ways and means of helping Hari – thus repaying his kindness to Peter and Beryl all those years ago. It was decided to help: design, build, fit-out and finance a multi-purpose simple brick and concrete structure that would stand time and monsoon, train a suitable nurse and do everything possible to help improve local health. So whilst Peter, Beryl, Craig and Nigel spent time, energy and ingenuity fund raising, Kevin helped by encouraging over 40 skilled enthusiasts in Gibraltar (where he was stationed) to volunteer for a month working in Nepal to help complete the project. With the financial help of West Country Scouts, Guides, Rotarian, Probus Clubs, many schools and churches, the Friendship Clinic Nepal Charity was established and registered and ‘the keys’ were formally handed over to Hari along with their newly trained nurse Chunmaya.

Not only had Hari’s dream come true, in 2005 Peter was bestowed the honour of the M.B.E. by Her Majesty the Queen, (incidentally Kevin was also awarded the same honour and at the same ceremony) and the Scout Association conferred on Peter their highest honour - the Silver Wolf.

So! - All due to Peter and Beryl getting lost on holiday – a boy’s dream was realised.