Prabhat BAL Shikchhya Sadan Kindergarten is situated next to the Prabhad Higher Secondary School in Shukranagar, Chitwan (some 8 kms form the clinic).

Last year 2012/2013, 65 children attended this facility where 3 childcare providers are employed. 40 children including 28 girls’ and 12 boys formed the pre-nursery class. In the nursery 10 boys 7 girls are taught. The remaining 8 children belong to the Playgroup.

15 of the eldest continued to government school or boarding school. Currently 50 children attend the Kindergarten, 26 girls - 24 boys and

The Kindergarten received a donation of teaching materials as well as tables and seats. The Kindergarten stills needs more school supplies and maintenance work.

A quarter of Nepal’s population live below the poverty line and almost half of the Nepali people are currently unemployed. 70% of children start school but only 7% reach 10th school year (at the age of 18) and gain the School Leaving Certificate (SLC). The literacy rate in Nepal is one of the highest in the world with only 65% male and 47% females being able to read and write! As in many Asian countries boys are favoured over girls, (boys go to school, girls collect water, work in the field, look after siblings and help with the household chores). The ratio of boys to girls in Nepali primary and secondary school is almost 2:1, in favour of boys. In our three kindergartens the trend is reversed, with more girls being educated than boys. We believe that every child should have the right to go to school. We believe that the whole family benefits considerably when the mother is educated. Research shows that families of literate and educated mothers have higher standards of hygiene, lower birth rates and an increased likelihood of their children going to school. Our aim is simple – to enable every child to have a chance of a better future through education.