Secondary care

The Friendship Clinic Nepal (Meghauli) is a clinic specialising in Primary Care. Any further care required (inpatient, specialist and operations) are not available ‘in house’, so the ‘local’ Secondary Care facilities are used in Naranghat and Bharapur or further afield in the specialist hospitals in Kathmandu. The Friendship Clinic Nepal Charity has an excellent rapport with the various hospitals, this is mainly due to the closeness of working practices and the ‘foreign’ aid given to them in the form of: Western Dr’s working there, and the amount of Medical equipment donated from outside of Nepal. All secondary care is paid for by the clinic, or highly subsidised.

Cancer treatment - Amrit B.K. was the father of six children and a landless local labourer. Amrit attended Clinic Nepal where he was referred on to an Oncologist in Bharatpur; Amrit was diagnosed as having leukaemia. As Amrit was unable to pay for any of his treatment, Clinic Nepal undertook to take care of all his expenses. Without the intervention of Clinic Nepal Amrit would not have received any treatment at all. Unfortunately Amrit lost his battle against leukaemia.

Heart treatment - From the day he was born Sukhiram had a health problem. He appeared weak and did not develop or play the way other children in his village did. His parents were seriously concerned, but what could they do. Seeing a doctor costs money that otherwise should be spent putting rice on the table for the whole family. Nevertheless he and the family struggled on until at about the age of ten Sukaram went to Kathmandu to work as a domestic servant. He managed to visit hospital for health check-up and was diagnosed with a chronic heart problem. He was able to find some relief in prescribed medicines for several years but knew that unless his condition was properly assessed and treatment commenced soon he would be incapable of any work at all.

He managed to make an appointment for an operation at Gangalai National Heart Centre in Kathmandu for heart valve replacement. But because he was unable to raise the necessary funds the date slipped by. Sukhiram began to loose hope in everything. Then by one of those great chances of fortune he heard of Clinic Nepal and came to see if any help could be given. Clinic Nepal got into contact with leading people in the Heart Centre and also with people from abroad who might be able to assist with finance. A doctor in the Heart Centre organized free valves, and several Clinic Nepal supporters in Germany put up the necessary funds for the operation. On the 2nd December 2008 the operation was successfully carried out, during which 2 valves were replaced and a third valve was repaired. Twenty-year-old Suk Hiram is now back at home full of joy and happily looking forward to what will now be a fruitful life. Both Sukhiram and his family send sincere thanks to Clinic Nepal and all its supporters!