Shrek project.

Chunmaya the Former Nurse/Midwife at the clinic has now moved her nursing skills to the School in Baderghari. 150 students, ranging in ages from 4 - 13, attend this school. The indigenous people of the area, known as Dalit’s, who can be best described as coming from a disadvantaged and marginalised community, populate the area – 1000 inhabitants populate the village. Children can walk up to 30 minutes to gain an education. Routinely there are up to 10 students away from their classes at any one time, due to looking after their siblings as both their parents are at work.

The School is located at Shukranagar VDC-8, Baderghari. It is at approximately 5 Km from Clinic Nepal and the Rapti River and Royal Chitwan National Park are nearby.

Currently Chunmaya conducts a health clinic daily in a borrowed ‘school office’, referring all patients who require a specialist opinion to the Clinic Nepal in Meghauli or to Bharatpur for hospitalisation/Secondary care.

Existing: there are four classrooms and one teachers room, of varying states of repair; there is no electricity (except for the water pump – when load shedding is not present), toilets need a revamp, fence around the school, poor state – needs replaced.

Project one.
Provide a building to house – A dedicated room for Chummy to work from, Staff toilets, showers for student, hand basins (or stone trough) for hand washing (this would be adjacent to the existing toilet block for the girls and boys) right hand side. Revamp the girls and boys toilets to individual ones, instead of the 'squat and pee' type (which is same as the boys). Build a small store for the generator (provide) and fuel. Install a new water pump for the well. Install the water tank on top of the new building, holding 2000 litres (Filled once a day, taking three hours). Provide a water testing kit. Two additional water containers (1000 litres each) to be atop the new building to supply ‘hot’ water (heated by the sun) to the showers. Replace the current teachers toilet. Supply all the fitments required for Chunmaya to conduct her medical duties both in-house and in the community.

Project two.
Build an additional classroom, adjacent to the ‘new build’. Repair/revamp the existing four classrooms and teachers room, replace the fence.

2013 - NEWAH provided the toilets and the well. Unfortunately The Friendship Clinic Charity were not given permission to revamp the toilets to single individual toilets, so a clean up and retile of the existing facility, is all we are allowed to do!

Once a water reservoir is available, Chummy will run "a Clean Day” program once in a week. As a part of her teaching, she would choose some children who haven't taken bath / shower for a couple of weeks and arrange to get those children showered. At the same time she will visit and educate the parents about how important it is for their child(ren) to be clean. She will provide soap, tooth brushes and nail cutters. She will be encouraging the parents to set an example, so that the parents will hopefully maintain the standards so that their child(ran) will be always clean at school if not at home.

Although the awareness program on Heath and Hygiene has been implemented in Nepal for long time, the effectiveness or output of such program (particularly among the people where literacy rate is very low) has always been a subject of discussion.

What Chunmaya is going to do is something different: not a lesson of words but as a demonstration and set standards on heath and hygiene. It may be slow process but I am sure one example will replace millions words.

Project One started on the 9th February 2013 and will be completed by April 2014.  Project Two will start in 2014