Wolgang-Linke / Joe Gaulder

A total of 70 Children attended this facility last year (2012/2013) amongst them, 29 girls and 41 boys.

22 children completed Kindergarten and continued government schools and private boarding school. Currently, in pre-Nursery there are 14 girls and 12 boys whilst the Nursery consists of 14 girls and 8 boys. In the Lower Kindergarten grade there are 4 boys and 6 girls. Combined, there are a total of 58 pupils this year.

Expanding from last year, we have now established three classes, therefore we employed an additional childcare provider, and we now have a staff of four. Next year we plan to add one more class (Upper Kindergarten grade), meaning that the students can advance directly to Grade one. The children are happy and content, as are the teachers. The elements of learning are transferred to the children through active and informative play.

The Kindergarten runs from 0900 - 1400 (Monday to Friday) and also provides space for the local scout group (1st Meghauli Friendship Clinic) to meet every Saturday 0700 - 0900 ish. It should be used for a myriad of other organisation, but due to the load shedding, it is not possible, as you cannot guarantee the electric supplying the evening when it is dark.

ADMISSION is charged at 10 rupees per person per term (4 terms), and the cost per month is 4 'cups of rice' - which equates to 2 kg. Cost of a 25 kg bag of rice = 300 rupees. The children receive a good meal at lunchtimes and a drink, including fresh milk from the cows.

The Wolfgang Linke/Joe Gaulder building on the Ashavan Farm site (Dharampur, Meghauli) has now been completed, however the ceiling, painting, some furnishing and electrical work still needs to be completed.

** Joe Gaulder 13th Dec 2007 Plymouth herald

Joe Gaulder was a Beaver Scout with the 47th Plymouth Scout Group; his life was tragically cut short aged 7, on January 12th 2005. On the 25th October 2007, whilst attending the 47th Plymouth/90th Bristol Jungle Jamboree in Meghauli, Nepal, Kevin Shore wrote on the official blog: Today marked a fantastic moment for me, as today was the reason for the trip. I wanted to commemorate the life of Joe Gaulder, who sadly died a few years ago, son to Sharon and Jeremy and Brother to Ryan. He already had a well in Nepal and as we were building a Scout hut, it felt fitting that this be named after him. In the presence of Sharon, Ryan and the entire Jungle Jamboree contingent, the priest blessed the ground and performed the ceremony. It was a very moving and touching experience. The building of the Joe Gaulder Scout Hut will start in December after the rice has been harvested from the farm. A lasting fitting memory for someone full of life, who was tragically taken from us so early.